5 Noticeable Advantages of Installing Window Film for Your Home

Installing Window Film

When it comes to making a home more eco-friendly, homeowners often choose to invest in window films. This is a thin laminate film that can be installed to windows in a house and provides insulation properties in addition to keeping energy costs low. There are a number of benefits of installing window film. These are few of the basic ones

1. Energy Savings

Saving on energy costs is perhaps the primary reason why homeowners choose to have window film installed. During the warmer months, windows let in heat from the sun, even good quality windows. With a solar window film installed, this shield works to block UV and electromagnetic energy that causes heat gain. Working as a natural heat shield, this type of film helps retain cool air in the summer so you can minimize your AC unit’s energy consumption. 

In the winter months, an energy saving window film will offer the same sort of benefits. The film not only blocks UV rays, but it also works to insulate the window itself. If you install an all-season window film, it will work to keep heat inside during the winter months. This is a great benefit for homeowners who are tired of losing heat through their windows. Additionally, if your home has a large number of windows, then you can save even more by having window film installed. 

2. Window Protection

Most people think about the other features that window film provides, but did you know that it also protects your windows? The film itself is almost invisible after being installed but it provides an extra layer of protection for windows. When applied correctly, window film can work to prevent windows from breaking and help prevent forced entry through the windows themselves. This doesn’t mean that a window can’t still crack and break with the right amount of force. However, it will increase the protective capabilities of glass windows and doors. If the window does break, then the film can decrease the hazards from shattered glass. 

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3. Privacy 

If you want to increase the level of privacy for home’s windows, window films can cater well to this purpose. Depending on your privacy needs, you can choose to have window films that are blackout, frosted, or even mirror finishes. There are even smart tint finishes which offer an advanced degree of privacy. Such smart finishes can be manually dimmed from clear to frosted as needed. 

These films all work to provide privacy inside while allowing for an undistorted view outside or still allowing in natural light. There are a number of privacy options available so you can choose the one that suits your needs best. 

4. Security

If you’re in an area where you enhanced security for your windows or doors, then you can choose window films that offer an increased level of protection. Some of the different types of safety and security window film are designed to provide resistance against intrusions or forced entries. Anti-smash and grab window films may be needed in some areas. 

Additionally, not all attacks are physical. RF attenuation window film solutions may be desirable when working with sensitive information. Since windows by themselves don’t provide much protection, having an added layer is easy with this window film. 

5. Decoration

Although you might think primarily of window film having a function, it can also be installed for pure enjoyment. There are a wide range of architectural window films and decorative finishes. These are often used on large glass windows or even if the entire wall is glass. When applied, they provide stunning interior atmospheres. 

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You can choose decorative finishes that provide a mild decorative appearance. There are also window films that offer perforated film and graphics. Whether used for stylish one-way privacy or other uses, this is a huge benefit for many people. From decorative privacy to eco-friendly savings, these are just a handful of the many ways that window films can be used to benefit your home. While their primary benefit for the average homeowner is energy savings in both the hotter and colder months, this is certainly not the only benefit. They can also be used to provide protection, security, and add some decoration to a window. If you’re interested in any of these benefits, consider having window films installed in your home, office, or other environment. You’ll be surprised at how they can benefit you uniquely.

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