6 Activities To Practice To Make Your Pet Dog Active And Energetic

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Everyone who’s ever owned a dog knows that special feeling you get when they welcome you home after a long day. They share their unconditional love with you whether you’ve been gone for five minutes or five days. Unlike humans, they are always there to listen to you and rarely complain just as any emotional support dog.

Important to know: Dogs are often rather energetic creatures and exercise is the perfect way for them to burn off all that excess energy. As a matter of fact, exercise is a vital part of dog care. Different dogs have various activity requirements and you need to know your pet well enough to evaluate how much exercise is enough from his behavior. It isn’t always the case that the bigger the dog, the more exercise it needs and wants.

Considering the age factor: Age also plays a role in the amount of exercise your dog needs to fulfill its optimal dog health needs. Puppies shouldn’t be over-exercised but it should start with little and often and build to longer walks. Exercising your dog is not only about the physical exercise and keeping its weight controlled, but it is also about mental stimulation.

“A well-exercised dog would be a happier dog in body and mind”

They are much more satisfied and even tempered with regular exercise periods. Walking your dog also is a time when you can work on dog obedience. They can learn about not chasing after cars and bikes; to follow simple commands, to recall if off the lead and to interact with their surroundings appropriately.

Here’s a short list of significant activities to start practicing to ensure your dog an active, energetic, long, happy, and confident life.

Balanced Diet

Most people believe dog food is the only dog meal you can give to your pet. You can buy the wet, canned kind or the dry bagged kind because it doesn’t really matter. They’d be wrong. A dog’s diet is as important to their behavior as consequences for their actions. A dog has to eat the right amount of nutrients and calories to be both balanced and happy.

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Now it’s easy to get caught up in a debate over everybody’s favorite dog food brand, but every dog is special and therefore the argument is silent. As long as your dog has a healthy coat and underlying skin, they are active and playful and get a passing grade at the vet’s office, most owners can stick with their favorite brand. Look at your dog’s diet like a diet for a person, every person is different!

Don’t confuse: Some people are eating fast food all day and are still very skinny, some people are eating something bad for them and they are gaining mass. So, track your individual dog, and change its feeding habits and diet.


“A bored dog is a destructive dog”

Exercise is imperative to keep your dog physically stimulated, at a proper weight, proper health, and to keep them out of trouble. When dogs get older their level of activity begins to slow down. They no longer continuously run around as puppies do. And most people don’t think twice that their dog should be less energetic. They chalk it up to old age and don’t usually give it a second thought.

However, if you want your dog to continue to live a happy and fulfilled life, exercise has to be on the “proverbial” menu. Old dogs much like their younger counterparts require exercise on a regular basis. So schedule your dog care out every day and do some fun time in the back yard.

If your dog is overweight or suffers from any other illnesses, you’ll want to discuss with your veterinarian about ways to improve your dog’s health.

Praise and attention

Clearly, there is plenty of praise, compassion, attention, and affection that are all vital to making a happy dog. Once, to be happy / productive members of society, dogs are just like humans, they need compassion, attention, and affection. So, your dog will get a lot of love and appreciation from you every day.

Pack Leadership:

It’s important for dogs to know their place in the back, dogs are much happier and secure when you are clearly defined as the leader of the pack.

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Mental Stimulation: This is one of the most underrated things that many people (and trainers) do not consider. Keep your dog mentally stimulated as well as physically stimulated as mentioned above. This is one of the best mentally stimulating things you can do with your pet. They are searching around, processing literally thousands of odors, and thinking non-stop. If you are not able to attend nose work sessions, look for other fun games and activities for your dog to do.

Obedience Training

Obedience training, discipline, and structure in dogs are all just as important and fundamental as it is in people. If your dog is having obedience issues, you should contact a dog trainer in your area.

Confidence or trust

Confidence or Trust in dogs is very critical and still highly underestimated. It is something that is not really mentioned or addressed by the vast majority of trainers. Confidence is really critical to having a happy dog!

“A confident dog is unbeatable”

Final words

Commit to setting time aside each day for your dog’s activity. It is important to schedule this time as it is too easy to start neglecting it by putting it off. Some dogs just naturally have an over-abundance of energy and need to be occupied or can become bored and show negative behaviors. A great diet can help which can make your dog even more hyperactive.

It is important for optimizing dog active to set a challenging routine for these dogs just as any human athlete does. Good dog care which includes enough exercise and activities helps maintain great overall dog health and normal levels of energy.

If you stay on top of all these fundamental principles, I can ensure you and your dog a very active, energetic, long, healthy, happy, and confident life.

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