Copier Sales: A Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide Copier Sales

Before, photocopiers can only duplicate. But today, copiers have many very helpful features. When you require a new office copier, you can either buy or lease one for your company. You may as well avail of copier sales or copier leasing for your home office in a trusted local dealer like Southern Imaging Copiers. But first, you should get to know which office copier is the most ideal for your needs. Let’s copier sales: A buyer’s guide.

What to look for when buying a photocopier?

A photocopier has the following important features: 


Depending on the number of pages required by the company, the office copier should match this requirement. You should determine the number of pages so that you know the volume or capacity of the copier that you need. The way to know this is the capacity or size of the tray.


Speed is an important feature when you are buying an office copier because this can impact the operations of your company. If you use your machine on a daily basis and in large volumes, you should consider the speed because this feature is necessary for avoiding delays. Otherwise, you can choose one that does not have the fastest speed but performs well enough for your needs. 

Scanning Feature

Today, photocopiers have a scanning feature. However, if you need the scanning feature, you should choose a piece of office equipment that has this feature. This is as well a good addition to the machine because the scanned document can be saved to your email or computer.

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Types of Photocopiers 

Office copiers can be standard black and white, color copiers, desktop copiers, network copiers, home office machines, or multifunction copiers. Standard black and white photocopier is ideal if you require hundreds of pages per minute. This is mostly used in schools, law offices, and other businesses. Color copiers produce colored duplicates besides black and white copies, which are best for marketing and other purposes.  

Desktop copiers like home office machines are perfect for small volume copying. These are often designed for A4 or smaller size papers only. The machine itself is also more portable than other bigger ones, especially the desktop copiers because they are literally designed to be placed on top of your desk.   

Manufacturer v. Local Dealers

Most major brands have most of the main multifunction features present today, such as printing, scanning, and faxing. Also, most major manufacturers introduce security features. But this does not mean that you can only access directly from manufacturers. You may as well trust local dealers who are authorized distributors of the major copier brands. 

Southern Imaging Copiers is a trusted local dealer of office copiers in Tampa, FL. When you need to buy one for your office, consider the said features. If you still need help in understanding what these features are, you can contact our representatives and we will be glad to help you with what you need. We can find the office copier that will match your requirements, whether through copier sales or copier leasing.



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