Guide to HiPP Milk Formula for Newborns

Organic baby formula is a food made from organic ingredients, which is why it is not processed. It comes from plants and animals that are grown without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. This type of food has been created for babies who are unable to consume milk or any other milk substitutes.

Among the different companies that manufacture baby formula, HiPP milk formula leads the race. The reason why it is better when compared to others is because of its legacy and processing of the formula. In addition, HiPP has a history of producing baby products sourced from organic farmers. Organic farming is a technique where farmers grow plants and feed animals that are naturally grown without any chemicals. 

HiPP is a new kind of milk formula that is worth all the hype. It is made with organic and non-GMO ingredients, which means it’s not just good for your baby’s health but also for the planet.

The Formula

HiPP formula range supports the baby’s development, as it has essential nutrients, amino acids, proteins, and other vital elements necessary to the baby’s growth. Compared to different milk formulas, HiPP manufactures using natural ingredients. Unfortunately, it is one of the reasons why it is expensive. 

The fascinating factor to consider is that the milk formula consists of lactic acid culture extracted from breast milk. Therefore, the HiPP milk formula is one step closer to natural milk. The probiotics help reflect the natural elements of breast milk and increase the lactic cultures in the gut that promote an excellent immune system. 

The formula is available in German, Dutch, and UK versions. Additionally, the company manufactured different variants to suit different stages of the baby’s growth. For instance, you can select from Anti-Reflux, Comfort, and Hypoallergenic/HA based on the baby’s age. Therefore, you can pick the formula for newborns, follow-on for babies aged below six months, and toddler milk formula for those above 12 months. 

Brief History

The history of HiPP milk formula goes back to 1898, when Joseph HiPP started his family in Guntsberg, Germany. His wife had issues with breastfeeding, which was difficult for both the mother and the baby. Joseph went through different aspects to find an alternative, and the birth of HiPP took place. 

Because of his confectionery expertise, he manufactured the formula by mixing hand-grated rusk flour with milk. The word of success soon spread, and HiPP became the best formula within no time. Throughout the centuries, the company remained a family-run business and stayed true to its motto – “The best of nature. The best for nature.” From 1956, the company began sourcing materials from the organic farming community. Thus, it became the world’s most significant organic raw material processor. 

The Stages

HiPP milk formula is available according to the age of the baby. The company manufactures different products to ensure that the formula reflects the complex nature of breast milk that changes over time to meet the baby’s growing needs at different ages. As energy levels change with age, the requirement for vitamins and minerals changes. 

  • PRE-stage: The milk formula is suitable for newborns. The design of the formula is such that mothers can feed their loved ones as often as possible. The formula consists of only one carbohydrate – lactose, the primary supplement in breast milk. 
  • Stage 1: The HiPP milk formula aims to be the sole nutrition provider or as a supplement to regular breastfeeding. Compared to the PRE-stage formula, this consists of an additional carbohydrate element – mild starch. This element ensures the milk is creamy and filling, which is ideal for hungrier babies. 
  • Follow-on: The follow-on formula is for babies aged six months and above. It acts as a supplement to the complimentary food that babies receive. In addition, the formula is rich in iron, which is a crucial element during the growth phase. 
  • Toddler: The toddler milk formula is for children between 12 and 36 months. The formula complements the transition of the diet from milk. Therefore, it is not advisable for babies aged below one year. It consists of cow milk, rich in calcium and fortified with essential nutrients for overall development. 

Country-specific Formula

The HiPP milk formula is available in three versions, as stated earlier. The reason is because of the country-specific preferences and regulations. However, irrespective of the version you pick, you can be sure that the product is certified organic and a healthy variant for your baby. 

HiPP uses cow or goat’s milk containing calcium, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, fish oil, folic acid, vitamin C, zinc sulfate, and others. Visit the website to check the ingredients and overall contents in detail related to each version. 

Where to Buy HiPP milk formula?

If you reside in any one of the European countries, you can buy the product from a local store or online. However, you can only buy the formula online if you reside outside the European continent.  

How to Choose the Online Source?

HiPP milk formula is available from different sellers, both online and offline. Since you are from another country, you can opt for online purchases. Research for an online website that has a reputation for selling HiPP products worldwide. A few sellers find it difficult to ship the products to certain countries because of import restrictions. You can contact the seller beforehand and see the details related to the same, along with the international shipping charges. 

A reputed seller always ensures the availability of all the products from HiPP and continuous assistance. They use express shipping to deliver the product within five days from the date of order to anywhere in the world. Contacting them about the requirements beforehand helps make the necessary arrangements per your request. 


HiPP milk formula has a reputation for having all-natural ingredients in the formula. Unlike other milk formulas, HiPP sources raw materials from certified organic farms to ensure that components such as milk are free from chemicals. Of course, it is expensive in comparison. Still, it is worth the price to get a natural formula that helps the baby’s overall development.

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