A Comprehensive Guide to Portable Bridges Rental?

Portable Bridges Rental

Are you building a site or going to have a public event or are working on an infrastructure project or it could be waterway or ravine crossing? No matter what obstacle or challenge you’re having, choosing a portable bridging system can seem like an affordable option if the solution is only needed temporarily. However, it is important to opt a bridging solution which is safe and compliant.  The most important thing to consider is choosing a local manufacturer who can consult your requirements, custom the design accordingly, manufacture the best solution and install it onsite. 

Moreover, your supplier should understand all the regulations for engineered height access and structural regulations. However, for any type of temporary bridge whether it is for light vehicles or pedestrian access Northern Mats & Bridges is here to offer everything. They have representatives who can consult with you onsite anywhere in Canada whilst offering smart portable bridge rental for you. With decades of experience in developing specialized solutions like this they provide the bridges that are made from the highest-grade materials for a particular or specified load-bearing and environmental requirement.

The most common usage of Portable Bridges

Bridges should be taken seriously for removing the guesswork from your planning. However, you should choose bridges from the suppliers who have been involved in countless installations and who have accrued knowledge of what works best, when, and where. Because without proper planning projects waste budgets on costly road access when a temporary bridge could have done the same thing in very less cost

 Let’s have a look where the portable bridges are used the most.

  • When it comes to the field clearing right-of-way for a pipeline then there is a need of a way to pass vehicles across the easement quickly, and that too in several different locations. Moreover, depending on the type of bridge you use, you can move the bridge on the fly while keeping your vehicles running up and down the right-of-way without slowing down your work. However, low-profile bridges can be useful in these situations because these aren’t cumbersome to move and these can have a load rating of 100 tons.
  • Then, there comes some situations when you need something a bit more. For instance, when you need to move large quantities of equipment to a project site which maybe exceeds the 100 ton load rating of your low-profile bridges, or sometimes maybe the vehicles are simply too large. However, whatever the case is the all-steel crane mats can step up to the plate. By the way, these crane mats are unique because they offer an interlocking system which can be expanded upon and even can be used as a roadway or a walk-able mat.
  • In addition to the above, access roads for mining exploration or forestry can also be a site where these types of bridges can be used to shine. Generally the access roads present a challenge because they may be poorly maintained and can lack the capacity for a full bridge installation. But, the portable bridges remove that problem by offering a temporary solution for short-term tasks.
  • Lastly, as we know most of the construction works are non-ideal and when a project site is less than perfect for setting up an operation. For instance in the situations of flooding and all where there is a need for temporary crossings to conduct flood repairs. However, these kinds of tasks require expert planning so that it can be ensured that no one’s safety is at risk.
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The Most common Types of Portable Bridges 

We are going to specify the most common kinds of portable bridges. However, all of these designs are constructed from high-grade aluminum and these all are resistant to rust and corrosive environments. Moreover, these bridges can be specially-designed to take a variance of loads, from people to small vehicles.

  • Custom Bridges

As the name suggests these bridges come with independent engineer certification and with extremely high strength. And, these bridges are great for larger-scale crossing points need access. However, if the bigger designs are needed to transport then these can be transported to site in modular components.

  • Portable Pedestrian Bridges

These kinds of portable bridges are great for worksites where the environment changes every day. So, these help you easily move from one crossing point to another and the bridge around to span newer ditches and voids between structures. These can also have some lightweight and strong aluminum and removable handrails which make it easy to transport. Moreover, these are also great for public access at events and environments. For instance, golf courses and construction site public diversions. 

  • Bridging Platforms

Bridging platforms are versatile products which are available off the shelf or can also be customized to suit a pipeline or any other ground-based obstacle. These are made from non-corrosive aluminum. 

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