How many processes does a good light fixture need to go through before it can be presented to you?

good light fixture

You came to the market to buy lamps, asked the price, said it was too expensive, turned around and left, I don’t know the value of a lamp is not measured by its price! Why do some customers think lamps are expensive? It’s because I didn’t understand the value of the lamp, so I was preconceived. If you truly understand the value of a good lamp, you will feel value for money or value, then what aspects of the value of a lamp should you focus on?

The value of lamps

First, of course, use value.That is, how long can I use it?At this level, there is a big difference between good and bad.Good light, can be more than ten years or even longer.Poor light, maybe burned in a year and a half.Good light, craftsmanship does not fade for years.Poor light, it has been oxidized in one or two years.

So when you understand this value.It is not difficult to understand the similar lamps, the price difference is large.That ’s because the materials are different and the craftsmanship is different.Quality and value are different, of course there is no comparability.Many consumers are blinded by their appearance.

Second, of course, the decorative value.Not only do lights have to work, they have to look good.Combining light and shadow, can it bring good results to the home.Combined with home improvement, can it be the finishing touch?

A lamp, not too expensive.But it can make the whole home beautiful.A light that you don’t consider important,but it makes the whole home light environment more pleasant.So I want to make a home improvement,lighting effects are very important.

Third, energy consumption, safety,health value.Good light efficiency, environmental protection and power saving,it is equivalent to saving money directly.Good quality lamps, exquisite workmanship,no fire and other hidden dangers.Good light, family,Especially the gospel of children ’s eye health.These are the value of the lamp,closely related to family life.So if you want better value.Then look for quality lights, not tangled prices

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Manufacturing process of lamps

Do you know how many tedious processes a good light fixture or a lamp will take before it can be presented to you in a perfect posture?

The lamps are divided into custom lamps and finished lamps.

Custom Lighting

Custom luminaires are also called non-standard luminaires. For example, some designers design their own luminaires and some extra-large luminaires. Both of them need to draw drawings and then mold according to the drawings.

Custom lighting production process

01 Drawing of drawings

Custom lighting usually takes 1-2 months to produce. Drawings of drawings are based on the type and number of lamps. Ordinary model houses or houses take 3-5 days, and some large projects such as hotels take 10-15 days.

02 mold opening

After the drawing is completed, the mold is opened according to the figure. Generally, it takes about 5-15 days to open the mold. Sometimes when encountering some particularly large projects, 70 to 80% of the lamps need to be customized.

Then the mold opening time may become longer at this time, so the 5-15 days here is just a reference time for everyone.

03 Casting

The next step is casting, which takes about 5-7 days. In the casting molding stage, the designer needs to perform a drawing confirmation step to confirm whether the shape of the lamp after casting has achieved the expected effect.

Under normal circumstances, especially for chandelier, the manufacturer will not let the designer confirm the whole assembly.(Usually chandelier should be installed with e12 light bulbs which the shape needs to match the irradiation range of the light, and the material also needs to be selected according to the degree of heat dissipation.We recommend LOHAS e12 light bulbs for chandelier )

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Therefore, the designer needs to track the production of the lamp during the casting stage, such as viewing photos during the production process or going to the factory for inspection, both of which are feasible methods.

04Plating or painting

Electroplating or painting generally takes 5-7 days. At this stage, the color plate of the lamp needs to be determined. Such as metal swatches or baking swatches, these need to be confirmed before proceeding.

After all the above work is completed, you can contact the manufacturer to pack the lamps.

Finished lamps

The finished lamp omits the steps of drawing drawings and opening the mold. Compared with the production time required for custom-made lamps, the finished lamp only takes half a month to a half month to complete.

Production process of finished lamps

Because finished lamps can also be purchased directly on the market, manufacturers need only be given a production cycle time limit for finished lamps.

Before ordering a good light fixture or a lamp, the designer should choose the color of the lamp: including what color is its crystal part, what color is its glass part, what color is its metal part, etc. .

Choose from the optional range given by the manufacturer. After all the details have been determined, the next step is the production of the entire production process. Including casting (5-15 days), electroplating or painting (5-7 days), packaging (2-3 days).

Looking at the production process of the good light fixture lamps above, do you still think the lamps are expensive? A good light fixture, please respect its quality.

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