How to Choose a Window Cleaner and is it Worth it?


If you’re looking to refresh your windows without doing it yourself, hiring a window cleaner is the solution for you. We believe that if a household job is someone’s profession, it’s probably more difficult to do than you might think. If you’ve ever cleaned a window before, you will know just how difficult it can be to finish the job, especially if you have a glass roof. Without specialist equipment, accessing the nooks and crannies of every window in your home is challenging. If you’ve come to this conclusion, you may now be asking yourself, how do I find a reputable window cleaner? And do the benefits of window cleaning outweigh the cost of one? Fortunately, the answers to your questions are all in this article. 

Certifications, Licenses, and Accreditations

Oppertunistic and frankly sketchy window cleaners aren’t hard to come by. Especially when there aren’t actually any legal certifications required to become a window cleaner. Many window cleaners operate independently and don’t endeavour to achieve any certifications, despite there being the resources out there. The International Rope Access Association offers training for high-rise windows, The British Window Cleaning Academy offers comprehensive courses in Cleaning and Support Service Skills, and the health and safety behind window cleaning. 

Although certificates aren’t required, we recommend you find out whether the window cleaner you intend to hire has a valid license. All window cleaners in the UK need to have a license to operate, and they should willingly offer their information when asked. If the tradesman you contact seems hesitant to do so, this is an indication that they’re illegitimate. 

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Finally, your window cleaner should have at least one accreditation under their belt. This could include verification from Safe Contractor or CHAS. These accreditations indicate they have been surveyed and found to practice safely and to industry standards. This is vital, especially if you have a glass roof or high rise windows, as it proves your window cleaner is knowledgable about health and safety and isn’t likely to do anything that could negatively affect the condition of your windows. 

Discover their location and availability

Choosing to hire a window cleaner close to you will give you a better chance of actually being able to get hold of them. If your window cleaner is far away, it will take longer for them to be able to reach you, and if you intend to be a repeat customer, you will have to wait longer periods for your windows to be cleaned. Furthermore, you should ensure the window cleaner you choose has enough availability to allow you to be a repeat customer. If you notice your window cleaner has a lot of availability, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad at what they do, but if you struggle to get a slot with them, they’re probably very good at their job. High demand usually means the tradesman is more thorough, reliable, and popular with their customers. So although low availability might be frustrating, you can be assured they’ll do a good job. 

Check their reviews

A reputable window cleaner will have positive reviews on google or their social media pages to testify for the quality of their services. Reviews from real people will be the best indicator of whether the window cleaner you intend to hire is legitimate or not. However, you should bear in mind that disingenuous reviews are common between competitors, so if you notice a negative review it is best to take it with a grain of salt. The important thing to remember about reviews is ratio. Negative reviews might come about due to miscommunication, and unless a conversation occurs between the customer and business-owner in the reviews tab, both sides of the story will not be communicated.

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The benefits of window cleaning

So, is hiring a window cleaner worth it? We say yes. The benefits of window cleaning extend further than simply aesthetic appeal, especially if you have a glass roof. Your windows are the only way natural light reaches the rooms in your home, and if they’re dirty, the amount of light being transmitted will be far less. Cleaning your windows and glass roof can make your home brighter and appear cleaner, so it’s definitely worth hiring a professional to get the job done properly. 

Additionally, regular cleaning will help with the longevity of your windows and glass roof, as the seals and panes won’t have a chance to deteriorate due to dirt build up and the harsher cleaning which will be required in that case. 

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