What Are the Latest Techniques of Digital Marketing?

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Although there are still a few months left until the end of the year, it is already possible to see what the 2019 digital marketing trends are going to be, forecasts that include certain novelties in a context in which the paid media is acquiring a significant boom, the programmatic purchase tries to overcome the stumbling block of the General Data Protection Regulation and artificial intelligence advances silently but relentlessly.

New technologies and the most cutting-edge technological developments set the tone for a year, 2019, which is presented full of new features. Marketing professionals are eager to embrace many of the new ways of understanding digital advertising, knowing that we are entering a new era and that only brands that know how to adapt to these new scenarios in time will be prepared to emerge when the moment.

2018 has been a year of great technological developments, many of which will have a huge impact on the way of doing digital marketing services in the coming years. We are entering an exciting era, where robotization and the internet of things are going to mark the path that sellers must walk: voice search, visual search, fast content or social shopping are just some of the most promising developments we are among the 2019 digital marketing trends.

It goes without saying that the rise of the Smartphone conditions, to a greater or lesser extent, much of the marketing trends for next year, so it is not necessary to say that our entire strategy must be focused on mobile , based on premises such as mobile first , Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) , facilities for m-commerce, mobile video or video ads .

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Fast content for fast users

The vertiginous escalation of the mobile phone to become the main Internet access mode affects, and much, the way in which the user makes inquiries and consumes content. The ubiquity of the Smartphone makes us consume content almost anytime, anywhere and, in most cases, while doing another task. That is why the time per session is narrowed: in many cases the user accesses only a few minutes and hopes to be able to consume content in a fast, pleasant and simple way.

It is necessary, therefore, to bet on ephemeral, fleeting content, but that leaves a mark on the user: immersive and interactive content formats. The fast content revolution began with Snapchat. The last to join the fast content has been Google, with AMP Stories. It is urgent to have stories to tell and tell them in a matter of seconds. Of course, we must not associate speed with low quality: fast content has nothing to do with fast food. In this case, in addition to being fast, it must be “nutritious” to meet the user’s information or leisure needs says the SEO Services in Noida.

Context marketing and native advertising

The content marketing or context marketing becomes much more relevant than ever, because new technologies allow more accurate analysis. Thanks to this, it is possible to present timely content to the right user at the right time. Knowing the audience and making proper use of the data for greater personalization of the contents will be the key. Remember that the difference between content marketing and context marketing is in the degree of customization required by the second.

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In this sense, native advertising will continue to be pulled, but we must be careful: transparency will be increasingly necessary in these formats, in an ecosystem in which the user increasingly rejects advertising disguised as content. Again, adequacy and creativity will be the key when presenting content promoted in, for example, social networks, always attending to the context so that the user accepts it naturally and knowing that it will be useful. According to data from the First Content & Native Advertising Study, conducted by the IAB, 83% of advertisers use branded content or native advertising regularly in their actions. Although it is not something new, Context marketing should be considered one of the 2019 digital marketing trends.

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