Swimming Pool Resurfacing Tips

Swimming Pool Resurfacing Tips

If you are an owner of a home with a pool that has been there for so long, you should think about getting pool resurfacing before your pool looks worn. As your pool is one of the centers of fun in your home, it is best to upkeep your swimming pool. One of the best methods Professional Aquatic Services can provide your household is pool resurfacing. Here are some tips that you can take a look at before you consider this swimming pool resurfacing service.

What is Pool Resurfacing?

Pool resurfacing utilizes a cement or concrete-like finish that replaces the old surface with a new one, thus keeping the surface of the swimming pool in shape. The purpose of this pool restoration or pool remodeling option is that the pool is kept healthy and does not leak. Moreover, since it improves the structure, it also makes the swimming pool more appealing in that it replaces the surface that has deteriorated for years. Also, this method could maintain the durability of your swimming pool. It also contributes to properly balancing the chemicals in the water of the pool.  

Signs to Watch Out for Before Getting Pool Resurfacing

It is time to get this pool remodeling option if you see the following signs:

  1. Stains on the surface.
  2. Chalky residue.
  3. Cracks of the pool structure.
  4. Drop in the water level.
  5. Water leaks.

What is the Right Pool Surface for You? 

There are many pool resurfacing options that you can choose from. They vary in cost and life span. Tiles can be a luxurious option because it is the most expensive of all. This is due to the material and the labor needed. If you like a plaster finish, this is durable and the cheapest option. It lasts for 12 to 14 years. For a longer-lasting pool resurfacing, the pebble finish is the option to prefer. Aggregate finish is a mix of plaster and pebbles or quartz. It is very aesthetic because it is colorful and actually long-lasting. Of course, this is quite an expensive option.

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Choose pool resurfacing and not merely patching the cracks or just putting a band-aid on your wearing-out pool. The better option is pool resurfacing. Whatever finish you use, pool resurfacing is the ideal option. It is a long-term pool remodeling method that guarantees many benefits for your swimming pool. Remember that a pool with a durable structure ensures that it is safe to use.

Pool Resurfacing with Professional Aquatic Services

The service that Professional Aquatic Services provides is top-rated and the best option for pool resurfacing in Orlando, FL. Choose our professionals because we prioritize quality and functionality, and then aesthetics to your liking. We will help you achieve a long-lasting, more durable swimming pool structure. We also offer pool maintenance services that ensure the best status of your pool. With competitive rates, you can surely afford our pool resurfacing service that best serves you and your family’s health and security when using your swimming pool.


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