The Art of Reducing Oven Grime: A Guide

Some people look online for the best tips and tricks to clean their oven only after it’s already severely dirty.

While the best course of action in those cases is to clean the appliance deep, there’s a better way altogether: looking for ways to reduce the building up of grime over time.

This article will familiarise you with the various methods that you can utilise to prevent your oven from getting into a bad state in the first place.

Cover your dishes when cooking

Firstly, when you are cooking, make sure that you cover the items that you are baking or roasting so that none of the food or juices can be spilt onto your oven’s interior walls. 

If you don’t own an oven-proof dish that has a lid, you can make a tent out of aluminium foil that will do the trick. Secure it to the corners of the dish, and be sure to use a sharp knife to create holes in the roof of the tent so the steam created by the cooking can be vented.

Alternatively, you can place the oven-proof dish you are using to cook within a larger dish so that all the juices and cast off are caught before they can touch your oven.

Wipe spills immediately when you notice them

It’s important to note that no matter how hard you try to stop your oven from getting dirty, at some point, it will happen, and you’ll have to deal with it.

That’s why it’s best whenever you spill something inside it, you need to clean it quickly before it dries completely and becomes hardened or, even worse, burnt onto the bottom.

If you discover something has spilt after you are done cooking, leave the oven door open so that it cools more efficiently. Once the temperature has gone down, so it becomes possible to clean it, you can then wipe the spillage away with a mixture of soap and water and a sponge.

Alternatively, you can sprinkle salt on any mess, leave it to stand and then wipe the oven clean.

Other methods of dealing with spills

If you find yourself in a situation where a simple cleaning mixture is ineffective for the mess, there are other methods you can try.

One such method is placing a pot full of boiling water in the centre of your oven, closing the door and waiting for approximately twenty minutes, this allows the steam created from the hot water to loosen any burnt-on debris. Take out the pot, and you should find that the mess is now much easier to clean.

Furthermore, you can use any specialised commercial oven cleaner to get rid of any particularly stubborn messes but ensure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions closely to prevent any accidental injury to yourself or others.

This will be more expensive than any cleaning concoction you could make at home, but they are generally more effective and, therefore, worth the extra cost.

However, for health safety measures, it’s recommended that you try all eco-friendly cleaning methods first.

Always wear a mask, protective gloves, and glasses when you’re working with those. Ensure the place is properly ventilated after you’re done cleaning, preferably without you not being present at home because inhaling the fumes can make you dizzy or ill.

Opt for oven liners

An increasingly popular method that protects your appliance’s bottom from spills. It’s a clever little trick that will reduce the amount of work and also the frequency of cleaning, which is perfect since this kind of chore is so universally beloved.

There are different types you get, like PTFE or silicon. You will have to ensure they’re the correct size and that you clean them properly.

One quick warning, though: never use aluminium foil as opposed to an oven liner, for it can cause your appliance to burn out and become irreparable.

Use professional oven cleaning services

Let’s face it, sometimes this option makes much more sense, as cleaning can be laborious and time-consuming. On top of that, experts have the right tools and knowledge that will achieve sparkling-clean results in no time.

Leaving this to pros will also help protect your appliance. Reliable companies are using eco-friendly cleaning means as opposed to the harsh and abrasive chemicals found in commercial stores. 

Using oven cleaning services can also prevent damage to the internal electronic components if a cleaning agent somehow gets inside when you’re cleaning.

Another instance in which opting for pros makes sense is if you’re moving and have to perform end-of-tenancy cleaning. One of the favourite reasons why landlords decide to keep your security deposit for themselves is a dirty or insufficiently clean oven.

By using the services of experts, you ensure you protect your money and receive them back in full.

Remember that cleaning the oven deep at least twice a year is essential to ensure its longevity and that your food’s taste doesn’t worsen. 

A dirty appliance is also a fire risk, and it will consume much more electricity in order to heat everything up. That will reflect on your utility bills and decrease the lifespan of the oven.

Finally, a lack of regular upkeep will sooner or later also result in damage to your oven’s internal components due to overheating and working extra hard, requiring costly repairs or replacement.


Oven cleaning is probably among our home maintenance to-do list’s most overlooked and dreaded chores.

That’s why it makes sense to reduce the number of spills because that will make it easier to clean and maintain, especially when it comes time to relocate, and you have to do a deep clean so you get your security deposit back.

Ultimately, if it’s been too long since the last time you performed this task, you can always choose expert help or try some of the above oven-cleaning hacks. 

That will ensure your food’s taste remains great and that your appliance serves you for a long time without breaking down and requiring repairs when you most need it.

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