Understanding your Smoking Tools

Smoking Tools

Whether you are new to smoking or you have been doing it for years, it is essential to understand your Smoking Tools and how to best use them. There is nothing worse than finding out that you have been smoking incorrectly regardless of how long you have been smoking for, so make sure you are utilizing your smoking tools to the best of their ability. Smoking incorrectly with the tools you have can not only decrease the quality of the smoking experience but it can damage your smoking appliances in the long run. That is why it is critical to understand exactly how to use them! So even if you have been smoking for years or you are a rookie, double-check or learn the specific ways each device functions so you can have a better smoking experience going forward.

The Importance of Understanding Your Smoking Tools

While smoking weed is considered uncomplicated by most, even the most experienced smokers need some smoking refreshers about the tools they are using. While it may seem inconsequential to just smoke without learning exactly how to use your bong or pipe, it can have a bad long term effect on your smoking devices and sometimes even on your health. Not to mention, learning how to use your Smoking Tools correctly will only increase your smoking experience! All of these reasons are important to understand why you need to learn how to use your smoking tools correctly. 

The Different Ways You Can Smoke

Some people only learn one way to smoke but the truth is, there are so many different smoking methods you can use! Learning how to use every device correctly will expand your smoking tools so you can try smoking different ways. This will, in turn, expand your smoking horizon and you can figure out which ways you like to smoke best. But even better than that, learning how to correctly use different smoking tools, will safely teach you the right and wrong ways to use different devices. That way you can have the most enjoyable experience while doing it correctly, so learn about all the different ways you can smoke and how.


Bongs are one of the larger smoking tools and are bigger than pipes. A high-quality bong is typically made out of glass because it allows the bong to be used easily while also making clean up a breeze. Bongs are smoking tools that should be enjoyed for years; so, do not settle for something cheap when you can enjoy a quality product for many years. Purchase a premium glass water bong for maximum smoking enjoyment.

How To Use a Bong

  • Fill your bong with water until it covers your downstem.
  • Insert your packed bowl into the bong.
  • Hold your bong by the neck with your hand to ensure its stability.
  • Place your lips on the mouthpiece that is at the top of the stem. 
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(You will be able to form a seal to inhale the smoke.)

  • Use a lighter to slowly ignite the product in the bowl with your hand not holding the bong. 
  • As your product begins to burn, inhale the smoke slowly coming up the stem of the bong. 
  • Exhale immediately.

Glass Hand Pipes

Glass hand pipes are practically identical to tobacco pipes in shape and size. While you can use a hand pipe made from metal, ceramic, wood, silicone, or bamboo, the highest quality pipe someone can use for the best smoking experience is typically glass. While metal, ceramic, wood, silicone, or bamboo pipes are acceptable, but you should never use aluminum foil pipes. Aluminum foil hand pipes are typically created for one-time usage but it has been proven to be harmful to your lungs. Steer clear of homemade hand pipes and invest in a higher quality glass hand pipe for a better, safer smoking experience.

Not only is it important to use the correct kind of glass pipe, but you want to get one that fits your personality. Buying a nice glass hand pipe should be a long-term investment so don’t settle for one that you don’t love.

How To Use a Glass Hand Pipe

Glass hand pipes are considered by some to be the most basic way to smoke. It is very straightforward as long as you are using the correct amount of product and a safe hand pipe. 

  • Your glass hand pipe has a bowl piece at the top which is where you put what you want to smoke. 
  • There is usually a small hole (called a carb) next to the bowl piece.

(The smaller carb hole allows the chamber to be cleared when you are smoking.)

  • Inhale at the bottom hole of the glass hand pipe.
  • Hold your thumb over the carb and let it go when you stop inhaling.
  • Don’t exhale when your mouth is on the pipe.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs have become one of the most popular smoking devices. Learning how to use this device correctly will give you powerful highs and flavorful experiences. Dabs are concentrated cannabis so it is important you never take mystery dabs. It is also important to only use high-quality dab rigs and for the best experience, don’t hold your hit after inhaling. As stated before, dabs are high concentrated cannabis so it already packs a punch without you needing to hold your hit.

How To Use Dab Rings

Purchase a dab rig you love from a trusted company. Having your dab rig in front of you can help you visualize the correct way to use it so you can have the best smoking experience.

  • Add water to the chamber of your dab rig.
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(Blow downstem and make sure you’re able to make bubbles)

  • Prep your dab by setting aside the amount you want to inhale.

(Remember a little goes a long way with this method)

  • Heat the nail. Keep the flame away from the dab rig at all times (you don’t want it to crack the glass), but heat the nail until it is red hot.
  • Wait and time it correctly until the nail is entirely red hot.
  • When the nail is slightly cooled from its red starting point, place oil around the nail.
  • When you see vapors filling the glass, inhale through the mouthpiece
  • Exhale, and then repeat these steps to take more hits. After the vapor is cleared, you can continue to heat the nail, place oil around the nail, and inhale.

Vaporizers, or Vapes 

Weed vapes or vaporizers are designed to vaporize active ingredients in cannabis. Vapes offer a more potent form of consumption than other methods while also being portable and compact in size. A lot of your smoking experience from using a vaporizer will come from the product you purchase. Buying an exceptional vaporizer will ensure you are vaporizing the active cannabis and not combusting them like a low-quality vaporizer might do. 

How To Use a Vaporizer

Vaporizers are one of the smallest smoking devices. These portable devices can be used just about anywhere that is smoking permitted. Learn or remind yourself all of the basic steps of using a vaporizer.

  • Make sure your vape is fully charged. Nothing is worse than wanting a smoke and finding out your device is out of battery.
  • Allow your device to heat up after you turn it on to get it ready to be used.
  • Place small amounts of cannabis concentrate into the device using a dab tool.
  • (Don’t use your hands, use a tool. Using your hands could degrade the cannabis.)
  • If your vape allows it, set the temperature between 350-to-450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Inhale from the mouthpiece.
  • Take longer, slower draws to allow for a steady burn.

Smoking Tools

Understand Your Smoking Tools

It is critical for your smoking experience, your smoking tools, and for your safety that you use your smoking devices correctly. Now that you know how to use all of your smoking tools correctly, veterans and rookies alike can confidently and safely try all the different smoking methods. Learning these different methods will not only protect you from false smoking information but it will ensure you have a better, more enjoyable smoking experience.


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