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Have you ever wondered how long your Waterloo chiropractor went to school or how their education compares to that of other healthcare professionals? Knowing and understanding a chiropractor’s background and various certifications will greatly aid you in your search for the best fit. When you hear the word “doctor,” you know that it has taken a lot of effort and education to earn that title. Despite the fact that they all have the same title, each professional has their own path and journey through school to be able to practice in their chosen field.

Our doctors at Five Points Family Chiropractic have written this article to help you understand a chiropractor’s educational path so you can better understand your treatment.


The exact path to a degree can vary by state, just as it can for other professions. Before applying to a graduate chiropractic school, most chiropractors must finish their undergraduate pre-medical education and earn a bachelor’s degree. Each of these graduate programs and colleges have been examined carefully in order to be approved by the Department of Education as valid and credible educational institutions.

Your chiropractor has spent more time at their specific academic university than you can imagine. Before receiving a diploma, a chiropractor must complete at least 4,200 hours in college. There is time allotted for the laboratory, classroom, and clinic as part of these 4,200 hours in order to learn every aspect of chiropractic care as well as the general healthcare profession.

A chiropractor will focus on anatomy, physiology, diagnosis, biochemistry, pathology, orthopedic and neuromuscular evaluation, geriatric and pediatric care, microbiology, immunology, nutrition, radiology, philosophy, and research during class. This may appear to be a lot, but each chiropractor must go over all of these topics and pass all of the tests before working in the clinic. A future chiropractor will spend time in the campus clinic after finishing his or her studies. A minimum of 1,000 hours in the clinic with a clinic doctor is required. This time is dedicated to hands-on learning, so students can learn how to analyze, diagnose, and treat real-life patients in realistic situations.

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Throughout a chiropractor’s career, they will be evaluated in a variety of ways. In addition to college tests, they must pass national board exams. There are four national board exams in the United States that must be passed. They are cover topics such as basic sciences, clinical sciences, diagnostic imaging, clinical competency, case management, and physiological therapeutics. Following the series of tests, each aspiring chiropractor must become certified and approved by the state’s licensing agency.

The educational journey of a chiropractor does not end here. Some states require chiropractors to take additional coursework as part of their license requirements. In Wisconsin, for example, every two years after graduation, a chiropractor must complete at least 40 hours of continuing education.


Comparing a chiropractor’s journey to that of other healthcare professionals in the community can be beneficial. Because the majority of people are familiar with medical doctors, we’ll begin with them. Chiropractors will have completed approximately 2,419 hours of academic coursework during their schooling, whereas medical doctors will have worked for approximately 2,047 hours. Each field has its own specialties, but chiropractors typically have a greater understanding of embryology, anatomy, diagnosis, orthopedics, x-ray, and biochemistry than other practitioners. Medical doctors, on the other hand, spend more time in the classroom learning about pathology, obstetrics, and psychology.

It’s important to remember that, despite the many differences, each doctor received the same basic training. Keep in mind that every doctor, even those in the same field, has different strengths and weaknesses, as well as different methods and techniques for assisting the body in healing. Finally, remember that you must find a doctor who is right for you and who has the tools and knowledge to meet your specific needs.

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