Five Unique Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Unique Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or just because, choosing the perfect gift for a family member or friend can be challenging. You want to get them something they will love, that is functional and won’t end up at the back of a closet. However, if the recipient is a dog lover, then you know that their furry friend is their pride and joy. Picking a dog-related gift will make them and their pet happy, for double the smiles!

Here are unique gift ideas for the dog lover in your life.

1. Dog Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage and make for a unique gift that keeps on giving. Now you can get subscription boxes for dogs from WagWell Box. Your recipient will receive a new box each month, packed full of treats, toys, and cute fashion items. You can bet that no one else will come up with a gift that they can enjoy all year long, and the dog will get a fresh surprise each month when their new box arrives.

2. Donation in their name

Another great gift idea is to make a donation in their name to a local animal shelter or dog rescue center. If there is a specific breed that they are passionate about, you can locate a breed-specific rescue center that could use the extra support. Make sure to include cute photos of some of the rescue residents and a printout mission statement as well. It’s a thoughtful gift that will make the recipient happy and help a charity who needs it.

3. Dog-themed wine charms

For the friend who loves wine as much as they love dogs, consider getting a set of dog-themed wine charms. They will be great for entertaining and will ensure everyone knows whose glass is whose, while also showing off their love for dogs. Everyone can fight over who gets the corgi charm because who doesn’t love a corgi?

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4. Decorative toy bin

Dog owners love to treat their pets with new toys. They can accumulate fast and often end up strewn all around the house. If you own a dog, then you know that you’ll find toys in the most random places and they sometimes get lost for months at a time under the couch. Ugly plastic toy bins don’t look pleasant, but there are many unique toy storage bins that will act as a design feature that your recipient will want to show off. Match the décor in their living room or bedroom and get them a toy storage bin that they will want to show off.

5. Collapsible travel bowl

If your dog-loving friend loves going on walks, hikes, and exploring with their pooch, then a collapsible travel bowl will be game-changing. Dogs can often overheat on long treks and need water frequently to keep them hydrated. It’s not always easy to give your dog water when you’re on the go, but a collapsible travel bowl is a perfect solution. It can fit easily into a small bag since it stores flat. Then they can pull it out as needed to give their pup a drink.

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