5 Simple Ways to Give Your Home An Amazing Makeover

5 Simple Ways to Give Your Home An Amazing Makeover

Like life, your home is like a chain of evolutions and unique moments. The home makeover includes furniture arrangements, ideas for reuse, and DIY. Updating your home does not necessarily need money; you need to be creative and work with what you have. As well, you can make use of the unused items that lie around to create a new look.

As you think of a home makeover, consider the following tips:

  • Mental preparation – you should be ready mentally. It helps you deal with the fact that your house will be in a mess for some time, especially if it requires painting or other major renovation.
  • Budget – it is the most vital when planning for a home makeover. Be specific and realistic as much as possible. It ensures that you will spend for items that you need. Luckily, if you can’t afford a home makeover budget, be creative, and use what is available.
  • Creative inspiration – get your inspiration from the internet, magazines, or even from friends. It helps you get the best furniture design, kitchen items, art, and general décor.

Proper planning taking into account the above tips leads us to some of the ways you can achieve a perfect home makeover. There are so many things to help your home decor.

1. Add indoor plants

Plants can add to a space in your home. They are amazing in maintaining the quality of air. As well, they are great at bringing an organic element to the décor.

There is a wide variety of plants that you can grow inside with no much effort. It is prudent to start with an inside vegetable or herb garden. A pot at some space in the kitchen is all you need. If the herbs or plants you choose need more water, try watering tricks for their hydration.

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You can also move some potted plants or flowers inside. They brighten up a dark corner, a windowsill, an unused fireplace, or a stairway.

If you are growing them for the first time, you can choose not to use the usual vases/pots. Teacups, mugs, or pitchers work well, particularly the flowers.  Use small and clear glasses with different shapes to hold your cut flowers.

2. Wall art with mirrors, plates and photos

Why not hang a piece of framed art on a blank wall at your home? You can make personalized art using pictures, your kid’s artwork, or plates.

Group plates of distinct sizes and colors make attractive wall art. Ensure that you follow the theme and remember to arrange the pieces on a table or floor before attaching them to the wall.

3. Change cabinet and door knobs

You can add color to the kitchen cabinets, doors, and drawers. It is easy when you are replacing the plain old handles and knobs with fun ones. Make an effort to look for handles and knobs with different shapes like heart, animal and other shapes. If you do not have the cash to replace, you can dress your knobs and handles with bright, colourful ribbons.

4. Paint

Do you want to change the colour of your walls? Does your walls require a new coat of paint? If so, know the right colour and shades of the paint. It helps you get the right hue for your walls. Visit paint store or visit paint brands for colour-matching apps so that you settle for what you want.

The painting also allows you to change your lighting. Online stores do not disappoint, and you are advised to visit their websites to choose the latest designer lighting, including crystal chandeliers and much more. You can use leftover paint to paint paper lampshade. Also, you can paint your old tables and chairs.

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5. Get innovative with leftover fabric

You can use old curtains or leftover fabric lying around to make amazing cushion covers. However, this requires basic sewing skills, and there is no need to worry because you can learn this on the internet. It takes a few hours of your time to learn such a skill.

If the curtain or fabric is big enough, there is no need for sewing skills because you will tie the fabric at the back of your cushion. You can also make pillow covers and make your bed an exciting place to be.


A home makeover is exciting as you look forward to having everything as you want them to be. Make sure that you take into account every change that you’ve been wanting. The vital factor to consider is time, so make sure the makeover does not affect any member of the family. It helps you not to speed up things and therefore, have ample time for a perfect look.

Make sure that you are not adding items into the house every time but to remove some old/unused stuff. You can sort professional help when some tasks are complicated for you.

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