Specscart – a Walkden based Start-up is changing people’s perception of eyeglasses.

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“Glasses are not only sight correction devices but also our most intimate fashion accessory,” – says Specscart. Specscart, a Walkden based growing eyewear start-up, offers glasses at a fraction of high-street prices that are built-in superior quality.

In Britain, almost 35 million people wear glasses, and if you think a large proportion might result in eyeglasses to be affordable. You might be incorrect. Many retailers in the UK charge a fortune for even a minimally designed pair of glasses while a fancy pair costs around £200 on average. In the atmosphere of high expense, glasses are not only restricted to one time buy but also thought of as a medical device rather than a fashion accessory. How do you expect to buy more pairs when the prices burn your pockets?

However, a venture is on its mission to change the way people perceive eyeglasses.

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Specscart is a Walkden based start-up that’s built on the leading idea of making glasses a prominent fashion accessory that’s mixed and matched with every attire and occasion. It’s been scoring its mark from the day one of its foundations by being the winner of the Albert Gubay 2017 and Venture Further-2018 business start-up award. Glasses have always been there in the market, but the efforts to make them more accessible to people are often missed by many brands. Specscart hits the right spot where many brands fail; it provides affordability, high-quality, and fashion at one collective place.

Specscart allows people to buy more than one pair of glasses by eliminating the steep cost through its no-middlemen supply chain. Glasses themselves are handcrafted with lenses in the Manchester-based state of the art glazing laboratory that conveys the benefit of providing reliable British quality and faster delivery. Judging by the craft, its frame has a beauty and design of its own that is mass appealing for its variation in style targeted for every age group. Specscart caters to the market through its highest quality flagship British eyewear brand i.e., Tom Archer, and it also features a french brand called Mark Fabien for women. The business also retails designer labels such as Calvin Klein, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ted Baker, and Hackett at unbeatable prices. Other than it’s an impactful presence online, it has also built its eyewear stores in Bury and Walkden for a more personalised experience. The business is on its way to open more countrywide stores this year.

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The 24Hr dispatch for prescription and fashion glasses itself has been a phenomenon part of consumer appreciation. It has got rid of the extra rip off from consumers by offering free, fully loaded add-ons like anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV, and impact resistance on all of its lenses. It also offers a free home trial service that removes all your doubts and confusion of this generation. If you are still confused among the variety of range and options among frames, go ahead and order some to try them for a week. You can order any top four of your favorite frames for a full week and try them practically to see which one suits you the most. Flaunt around and ask opinions from your friends and family. If you are still not feeling completely satisfied, then order some more without even a bit of hesitation, Specscart encourages you to find the one that works best for you because everyone deserves the one.

Almost 60% of the British population pay for an eye test that costs around £19-25, Specscart does it for free. Essentials like eye tests are crucial to ensure good eye health and checkup, but if it costs so high, people skip caring for their eyes because as long as health is affordable, people stay invested in it. Specscart offers a free eye test for every age group where you can visit its stores, or it will come to you. It provides a free eye test at home where it sends an expert optometrist to your house in case you can’t manage time. So if you are looking for a better value proposition in glasses without selling a part of your body, Specscart is your ideal destination.

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