Easiest & Most Effective Quick Fixes to Reset iCloud Password

Reset iCloud Password

Learn the Easiest & Most Effective Quick Fixes to Reset iCloud Password

Apple Inc. a multinational technology brand headquartered in California, The United States was founded on April 1, 1976, by the combined efforts of its three founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Innovative, customer friendly, easy to access products and great marketing strategies are some of the many reasons that have fetched a good market share for the brand.

Icloud, one of the beneficial features that the brand provides in its products and the topic of our article, has simplified the user’s access to their Apple devices. With this feature enabled in your device, you can access your data anywhere on any Apple enabled device or a regular Windows computer with the only prerequisites being a steady internet connection and Apple login id and password. Any data or a folder that you save in the cloud gets automatically synced to the users’ other Apple devices. Now talking about the factor that concerns a user the most, the storage capacity! Icloud service provides a free 5 GB storage capacity after which a user has to monthly pay for extra storage, as rs 75 for 50GB, rs 219 for 200GB and rs 749for 2TB, the maximum storage capacity the company provides. The iCloud files can be accessed through “Finder” on the mac device by Apple, “Files app” on ios and “File Explorer “ or icloud.com for Windows PCs. filling up the iCloud storage with the unwanted data that you no longer require. However, the iCloud service provides you 30 days time period of data retrieval in case a user inadvertently delete important data. Icloud photo library, a key element of the iCloud feature which enables the user to store the media like pictures and videos taken through Apple products as iPhone or iPad.

Now imagine the plight of a user if he forgets his current icloud password? In order to keep your cherished memories safe and help you reset a new icloud password, we have prepared this present writeup into three most authentic ways to reset your iCloud password. Read on!

1. Reset Your iCloud Password By Means of Email Authentication.

Read the quick way to reset your iCloud password by receiving the reset email on the email address you had associated with your Apple ID initially.

  • To Reset iCloud password, go to the Apple ID account page and click on the “Forgot Apple id or password?” link and proceed.
  • Now enter your Apple ID email address, type the characters and hit “Continue”.
  • Now on the “Reset password page” you will be provided with two options, choose the “Get an email” option after which Apple will send instructions to your email address.
  • As the last step, open the Apple email. Click on the “Reset now” link to reset a new password for iCloud.
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2. Reset Your iCloud Password By Answering The Previously Set Security Questions.

At the time of making a new iCloud account, a user is asked to set a few security questions for future assistance. Now those security questions will come handy to reset your iCloud password as stated below.

  • Reach out to the Apple ID account page and click on “Forgot Apple id or password”.
  • Type in your iCloud email address and out of the given options, choose” Answer security questions”.
  • Enter the dates of your birth and answer the security questions.
  • After you finish answering the security questions, enter a new iCloud password and save it.

3.Reset your iCloud password by means of two-way authentication

If you have enabled the two-factor authentication for your Apple ID then you can easily reset your iCloud password following these simple steps below.

  • As the first step, go to the official Apple page and click on the “Forgot Apple id or password” link.
  • Put in your Apple ID and password linked with iCloud and continue.
  • Since you have already enabled the two-factor authentication, you will be asked the phone number of your trusted device.Enter that phone number and continue.
  • Now choose “Use trusted phone number “ link after which you will be sent an authentication code on the device which you can use to reset the password.

Please note: If you are unable to access the device, you can always choose the “ Reset from the other device” link and receive the authentication code on that device.

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Hope the above writeup comes to your advantage at the time of resetting your iCloud password.

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Access your icloud photos after reset password

iCloud photos on, you can not only view and access your photos and videos on all your devices or in iCloud.com but also download iCloud photos to your computer if you need. If you want to download the icloud photos you have iCloud version for your Windows or Mac, you have a few different options, iCloud, allows you to access your photos, contacts, calendars, files, and more from any of your devices. With iCloud Photo Library, any new photos and videos that you take on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch automatically download to your PC. And you can upload new photos and videos from your PC There are several different methods for copying photos from your iPhone to computer. Some involve connecting your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. Others allow you to transfer images wirelessly and automatically. So that you can access them from your other devices too. OneDrive syncs iCloud photos and files from your iPhone. You need to sign in to your Microsoft account first, but any updates or changes you make in OneDrive will appear on both your devices. Open iCloud.com with your browser and enter your Apple ID, if you enable Two-Factor Authentication, you also need to input the security code generated on your iPhone. And then click on Photos. If your iCloud storage is close to full (and you don’t want to upgrade the storage plan) or you would like to have a copy of iCloud photos on your Windows 10 PC as well, you can easily download photos from iCloud to Windows 10.

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