What to do if HP printer is not printing color

What to do if HP printer is not printing color

To connect a wireless hp printer, you need to know your printer wireless settings. These will be used to synchronize the printer’s network settings with that of your router and create a wireless connection between them. First, make sure that the printer is turned on. When a printer is on, it should have some light or LED (usually green) indicating it’s receiving power. But, if you have hp printer installed on your computer, connecting your printer to the network is just a few steps away. Your printer should have two cables connected to it: the power cable and the data cable. Make sure the power and data cables (parallel cable or USB cable) are connected to both the printer and computer. There are many possible reasons for Hp printer not printing due to these like Email too large: The combined size of the email and the attachment(s) exceeds the maximum limit.

Steps to enable colour printing in HP Printer:

  • Please click on the control panel option
  • Then click on device and printers
  • Then click on the printer properties options
  • Then click on printing preferences from the drop down list disable the grayscale or black & white printing option.
  • If the problem persists delete the printer driver and reinstall the same.
  • Also from the printer preferences select the colour printing option and disable the other options.
  • The trick for printing any document in colour is to select the default option of printing as colour. This will enable the user to print in colour.
  • In case the printer runs out of the coloured ink it will pick up the black ink and print the same.
  • Please print a test report to check the ink levels of the printer.
  • Select the printing preferences option from the printing menu disable the black and white ink and press on coloured ink now it is ready to print in colour.

What is the reason my HP printer fails to print any colour:

  • Ensure the printer is set to colour.
  • In the ink colour area please select coloured ink to print.
  • You can try to print from another application in case the program still fails means the printer is out of ink you need to replace the cartridge or the toner.
  • If the printhead is clogged it will not print in any colour automatically cleaning the printhead consumes a lot of energy and ink. You can clean the same manually with a cloth so that it prints effectively.
  • Please check from the printer settings that the non colour option is unchecked.
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How to print in colour from Mac:

  • Click on file-then please print.
  • Select a colour from the list of printers
  • Click on copies and pages
  • Under colour most select full colour
  • Then select print.

Ink Levels & Cartridges:

  • You need to check the ink levels appropriately.
  • Timely Service and Maintenance of printers is essential.
  • You can reinstall the printer cartridge for it to print efficiently and in colour.
  • You can use glossy sheet to print photographs and media files.
  • While installing cartridges remove the tape from the vent this will install the cartridge appropriately and it needs to be clicked.
  • If the cartridge of the printer is not correctly installed it will not print properly.
  • User can face an issue during heavy duty printing.
  • Open the front cover and remove the printer cartridge
  • Install the print cartridge and then print once again.
  • In case coloured ink is not used for a long time it means that it has expired.
  • If the ink has dried up it will not print in colour.
  • Ensure the printhead is cleaned properly
  • Press the hold down button, press the resume printing button 6 times.

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How to reset the colour printing option:

  • Click the start button on your desktop.
  • Select printers from the menu options.
  • Select printing preferences from the Properties page.
  • Select the paper quality tab click on ok after clicking the colour option.
  • Now your printer will print a coloured document.
  • In case at any given point you face the same error you can move the cartridge back and forth. Also cross check the printer for any kind of paper jams. This could cause the printer not to print in any colour.
  • The length of the paper can be mismatched this also causes a hindrance while printing.
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The concluding words say that in the due course of this article we have identified the key reasons why the hp printer is not printing in colour. The possible reasons are printer ran out of coloured ink, the cartridge installed is expired or has dried up due to less use of the coloured cartridge. Further the ink levels and toner levels can be low. The print head could be clogged. The cartridges may or may not be clicked properly while installation. Paper tray selected would not be properly selected. And also we are an independent provider of free support for hp printer software and peripheral devices by diagnosing the technical issues remotely. We have no affiliation with any of third-party companies unless such relationship is expressly specified. We collect information from the user but we never share the information to other parties. There could be an issue with the driver of the printer. The most common reason for the printer not printing in colour is that the coloured option is not selected in the printer. These are all the reasons why printer fails to print in colour.



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