How to Create a COVID secure Work Environment

COVID-secure Work Environment

COVID-19 caused chaos in the business world in 2020 and impacted businesses across all industries. The pandemic has led to the rise of remote working, but many business owners are keen to get their employees back into the office, even if this is just on a part-time basis. The key to being able to do this safely is by creating a COVID secure environment that will help employees (and any visitors) to feel safe and comfortable.

So, how can you create a COVID secure environmentThere are a few ways in which you can do this:

Distanced workstations

Social distancing is one of the most effective ways to contain the transmission of the virus, but this obviously is much harder inside and in an office environment. You will need to rethink the layout of the office and make sure that people are sitting at least one meter away from one another – if this is not possible, then you may want to think about having some people work remotely and some in the office and rotate this so that the office is never full at any one time.

Hand gel stations 

Having hand sanitizer stations throughout the building, and keeping them topped up, is another step to take. The virus is often picked up via hand contact so having hand gel stations will help people to protect themselves as well as others and keep safety in the back of their mind at all times.


Ventilation is also incredibly important as any airborne virus can thrive in stale air. This means that you need to have windows open or to use air circulation to keep the work area well-ventilated and safe at all times.

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Limit meetings and communication

It is certainly not ideal for a business, but right now it is important to limit face-to-face meetings and communication where possible. Digital forms of communication are the safest communication channel right now and you should encourage employees to keep conversations inside to a minimum as this increases the risk of transmission.

Use a commercial cleaning specialist

Obviously, keeping the work environment clean and sterile is an important way to protect employees and visitors. This is challenging in a work environment and people may forget to clean their own workstations, which is why it is best to use experienced commercial cleaning Hobart companies. They will be able to create an office space that is sanitized each day as well as neat and tidy, which will greatly reduce the chance of the virus spreading and help staff to feel safe.

Listen to your staff

Finally, it is important that you listen to your staff during this difficult time. They may have concerns or ideas that you had not considered, so you need to listen to them and take action that will help them to feel safe, confident and happy at work. Some people may not be happy to return just yet and if they are able to work remotely then this should be encouraged.

Follow these tips to create a COVID secure environment at work, which will help you to welcome employees back safely.

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