Discover The Right Skip Bin Size For Garbage Removal

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Choosing the right skip bin size for garbage removal is not an easy task, especially for people who never hired a skip bin before. There is a variety of sizes to pick from, and each size used for different amounts of waste and tasks. It’s quite challenging to be able to find the right one for your project. You might end up with a skip bin that is way too large or too small, and this kind of trouble will only add the total cost you spend on hiring a skip bin. Some things you should consider are the types of waste you’ll be putting into the skip bin and whether you need it with a ramp or an open door instead. You may want to ask yourself these following questions to help you decide:

What will the skip bin be used for?

Always think about what you’re planning to dispose of when choosing a skip bin. Different types of skips work for different kinds and sizes of waste. For example, skip bins with wheelbarrow ramps are ideal for the outdoor projects like gardening. Its waste can be recycled into compost. Meanwhile, walk-in skips are perfect for the office and home renovations. That allows you to maximize the skip’s space by letting you gather the waste efficiently. Skip bins that is designed specifically for concrete and brick waste don’t allow common waste like metal, furniture, and office waste. Ask the waste management company if there are any specific restrictions when hiring the skip bins.

Where will you put your skip bin?

You need to determine a suitable location to store your skip bin. Make sure you do not only have space for the skip bins, but also for the truck that will deliver and collect them. It would be better to place the skip bins in a location where it appropriately fits to avoid any damage. If you don’t have enough space, think about increasing the frequency of garbage pickups. That way, you can continue working with minimal interruptions.

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What is the size of your project?

Once you discovered the type of skip bins and where it will go, choosing the right skip bins will be much easier. There’s one way you can do to estimate the size of skip you need by looking at your regular household wheelie bins. How many wheelie bins of waste your project can produce? Divide that number by four to get a rough idea of the cubic meters of space for your skip bins. For example, a typical kitchen renovation will generate 15 to 28 wheelie bins of waste. It means you should hire a 4m3 or 5m3 skip for your needs. If you have lots of garbage that can’t be compacted, you will most likely avoid overfilling by hiring a slightly larger skip bin.

Now that you have known and decide on which skip bin is suitable for you, it is time to choose the right skip bin service to hire. In that case, skip bins hire Sydney like Orange Bins provide various sizes of skip bins that might be suitable for your needs.


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